Finlay v Kids Part II


So, after the previous attempt to get my big Jessie (Scottish for wimp) horse past the kid goats the following day I was determined we would have another try.

The tactics were – speed and leg yields!

We set off on our hack, roads were quieter so this was good start and ten minutes later we were approaching the huge scary feck off alien monsters from outer space! Time to change up a gear. Approximately 30 yards away he was already snorting, head up with a slightly elevated gait…. kick on!

Into trot, a very big bouncing trot with snorting. Cue left leg yield! Damn it, should’ve put a martingale on…. kick on!

One thing in our favour this time was the fact that the kids were not in clear view. I could see them behind the tall hedge but this gave me a better chance to getting him actually past the hedge. And past the hedge we went!! It wasn’t pretty but he did it!

Lots of pats and words of encouragement later I felt like we’d overcome a wee hurdle. Now all we had to do was walk back haha!

He did walk back, with less snorting and carry on. Maybe the thought of getting back to the safety of his stable away from these horse eating monsters was the motivating factor!

We will keep going this route until he calms down and stops trying to put me in the ditch, which is rather deep by the way with a nice thorny hedge along side it.. NO thanks pal!

Love him x    


Equines : The Show Season Begins

Three weeks ago I decided our first compeition would be a local Working Hunter show. At first I was excited at the thought of competing again, Ive done it since the age of thirteen and the start of each show season is something I look forward to but this year was different.

This year I had to factor in IC. Ive had it for years but after a failed procedure at the end of 2012 I am now using catheters. Not the easiest task at the best of times never mind in a show field portaloo! So, my initial excitement turned into anxiety. How was I going to cope away from home for the whole day?

Finlay the four legged is not the best traveller so show season has its trials and tribulations. But to his credit he always loads and gives his very best in the show ring. Thats why I love him, he finds some things in life a bit stressful but he still tries his heart out. His birthday was the 14th of March where he turned the grand old age of 12! But still acts like a four year old, another of his endearing qualities!

Saturday the 16th of March was Show day. Im one of those people who plan… every last detail, every last possible problem is thought through. I have to be meticulous these days to cope with IC although I do admit I have become a little OCD in my advancing years! So, Saturday morning was planned, how long to muck out, how long to groom, clean and plait Finlays mane and tail etc I had packed the lorry with tack and rugs the previous day to save time. I had my catheters and mirror (required to see) a packed lunch and a flask of coffee. All set to go!

Once Finlay was ready (horses always come first) I changed into my competition gear got him loaded onto the lorry and off we went. The first show of the season. I was apprehensive, not about the competion but how IC would affect the day.

We won our first class! Even though Finlay was very anxious he pulled it off in the ring, what a superstar. And the IC? I didnt think about it for a whole two hours!