Times Are A Changing.

020Hello wordpress world, there have been a few changes in my little world of late. The most monumental was my youngest son starting primary school.

I was a tad anxious about A starting school but a week in and so far so good. It took him such a long time to settle into the nursery routine I was concerned he may find school difficult. I know its early days but Im really happy and he seems very happy too! Seeing him dressed in his school uniform, shirt and tie, makes me burst with pride and  tear in my eye. My baby is growing up too fast.

The other big change was, not quite as momentous as the first but actually more stressful!

Ten days ago I took the decision to move yards. After 6 months of trying to accommodate other people, watching my horse become more and more neurotic and the increased yard politics, I couldn’t stay there a day longer. Ive been thinking of moving for some time originally hoping to rent a small yard myself. It quickly became apparent that this option was just about impossible. So, after looking at a couple of yards where DIY was available I picked one. The following day I told the yard owner I was leaving in three days. End of!!  

Moving day was Saturday 17th, with the help of my very good friend, it went with out a hitch! that was the first good omen. Arriving at our new home during a torrential down pour ( I was on my third jacket by this time) we were greeted by the yard owner Denise.

Denise owns the yard but most of it is rented by a professional showjumper and his partner where they produce youngsters for competition. They also have their own horses plus schooling liveries (people who pay them to work their horses) The pro’s horses are like the F1 of the horse world. Me and Finlay are more the RAC Rally haha!

Denise uses a couple of stables for livery horses and I am lucky to be one! Everyone appears to be friendly and helpful, a really laid back atmosphere!

With in an hour of being in his new stable Finlay was already calmer. I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing, this horse who had become so upset in his previous stable where even grooming him had become impossible was now completely chilled out!!

Five days on and he’s just getting better and better! He now doesn’t bother when his neighbour goes out leaving him, he doesn’t barge the door or chew constantly. He has his own paddock next to his stable neighbour and is now happily turnout out everyday!

Non horsey readers will think, whats all the fuss about lol, well moving a horse is a bit like moving house! Stress! But now that its all done I couldn’t be happier! I finally have my lovely boy back, my lovely big Finlay is happy again x



Its been a while!

Life has been busy this summer. The good weather seemed to make time pass quicker, the summer holidays are nearly over and my youngest son will start is first year of school. Im not sure he fully understands the concept of school. Like doing as you are told, for one. My youngest son seems to think he’s the boss of the world right now, this may pose a problem in the class room. I have a feeling the next couple fo months are going to be challenging.

He doesn’t have behavioural problems as such, just controlling his emotions can be hard for him. They never seem to be far from the surface. Like today to example, after spilling the contents of the dogs food bowl he was asked to pick it up and stop playing football in the kitchen. This resulted in him throwing the ball at me then crying. I promptly took him to the hallway and sat him on the step where he was to sit until he apologised. Turning my back on the raspberry he blew I went back into the kitchen.

These outbursts are not a daily occurrence by any means but it does worry me. How is he going to cope with a more structured day? He will have a classroom assistant and all of his friends from pre school will be in his class. I just hope he’s okay.

I feel much more protective of him that I did my eldest son. He has a different character though, took everything in his stride. The youngest one is a different kettle of fish all together. Im praying he settles into his new routine.

As a single parent life can be draining , Im sure it is for couples too, but when there is no one else to just run his bath, read the story, put him to bed, make breakfast, play/entertain all day, do the shopping, teach to ride a bike, play tennis, read, write, play knights castles dungeons dragons football hot wheels, cook, clean, wash…. blah blah blah… you get my point.

My eldest has been helping a bit more, well I say helping. What I mean is playing video games with his little brother! Whilst I don’t really condone this it does give me time for myself. And time to ride my saviour, my therapy, my horse Finlay. Where would I be without him… okay Id have money, Id have time to go shopping (not food) Id have time to see friends, money for a holiday haircut new clothes…. But he’s worth it.

So, summer is nearly over and I’m eagerly awaiting Autumn, my favourite time of year. The nights getting cooler, log fires, changing colours. A fresher feeling in the air.. not to mention (to all horse owners) no flies! Yippee, no flies or cleggs! Yes, Im looking forward to Autumn!

Oh and the magic mentioned in a previous post? Well that turned out to be a con after all, the bracelet however may actually work! I still have pain but not as intense and Im generally more positive!  

Be happy. Peace x



Equines : The Competition Years (84/85)

Following on from Equines : My First Horse we are now in March 1984.

I had just turned 15 when Burntec arrived. He was a 16.2hh 5 year old TBxID and ever so slightly bonkers! Tec was a bit of a handful for a 15 year old girl who’d spent the last couple of years with and very polite 15hh eventer so to say it was a shock was an understatement!

Tec came from a professional yard not far from my house the plan was that we would be under the supervision of John with regular lessons. I was so excited my friends were still riding ponies and here was me with this big horse, a horse that Graham Fletcher had wanted to buy. We got in there first!

My first year with Tec was interesting! He started napping and didnt want to hack out which proved a problem as I didnt have any where to school or jump and used my friends place along the road. He would reverse, spin and worst of all rear. Strangely I was never frightened, the bravery of youth perhaps? I was as stubborn as him and eventually we got over the napping business. Although it did return in the ring later on.

I worked away with Tec having regular lessons with the professional. I was in my fourth year at school or should I say I was supposed to be in my fourth year at school. After the summer holidays of that year I was competing every weekend and frequently travelling to England to compete. The shows down south were usually three day competitions over Friday Saturday and Sundays so with two day travelling either side I was regularly absent from school on Fridays and Mondays. In fact I was regularly absent full stop, I wasn’t a model student and played truant from school on a weekly basis. School never interested me all I wanted to do was ride and compete.

My father bought a 7.5t lorry this was after Tec had kicked the back ramp down on the trailer while in transit, we had a few odd looks driving along with the ramp down! The lorry was an old Ford with wooden body but I loved it! We were travelling a lot so it was great to have a lorry.

My first year with Tec was a learning curve but we consitantly improved and were jumping Newcomers easily. Back then we jumped on grass, yes grass! Some show jumpers these days have never seen the stuff , what with all the artificial surfaces we have now. But it was grass back then and mud, lots of it! We had one indoor arena which held competitions, in 1984 that was unusal. Even then it was tiny and the warm up a complete bog in winter.

In March 1985 I left school having hardly attened that year I didnt see the point and my professsional trainer had offered me a job as a working pupil. My father soon realised it was a losing battle to suggest I stay at school.  I should probably add at this point I was an unruly teenager who thought she knew everything.

But I always worked hard with my horses….In March 1985, only just turned 16 years old, the real work and the real world were just around the corner, the steepest learning curve of all was about to begin.