002My journey through life as a single parent of two boys with dogs and horses, oh and an incurable painful condition called IC. I live my life one day at a time, some of those days I feel weighed down with the burden of pain but there is never a day that goes by where I dont see the funny side of life. Just as well I have a sense of humour…..

Me : In my 40’s single with two children. Well I say children one is not really a child, he’s 22yrs old and studying at University. The other is most definitely a child, 5 yrs old and starting school this year (god help them) I live in the country but not far from Scotlands largest city, Glasgow. I like rural life and dont often venture to the big smoke but it is handy being close to Shopping malls and transport links including two international Airports. Ive spent my life around horses, couldnt be without them and know how lucky I am to have shared my life with these incredible animals.

Finlay : Horse, 12 years old, 17hh, Warmblood x Thoroughbred and slightly bonkers. Competes – Show Jumping, Working Hunter, Showing.

Lucky & Pippa : Jack Russells 14 & 1yr old. Lucky old and stinky, Pippa young and completely mental!

19 thoughts on “About

  1. It is a small world. Not far outside Glasgow myself and I happen to find myself on the doorstep of your blog.

    I can only commend you for both your writing and your attitude.

    It will be a pleasure to follow you and hopefully support each other.


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  3. I just stumbled upon your website by mistake… I too am a single mum of 2 with chronic and horrifically painful IC which has gone on for a year and a half now… I am at a pretty desperate point and in the UK too… I really like your site and will add a link to it on mine, it would be nice to keep in touch.

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