One Hot Summer Day….


After a difficult two years with ill health and an arthritic horse we were in the rosettes once again! This was a local equestrian centres annual summer show in July, it was extremely busy! Unfortunately the two jumping arena’s were either side of the ring where the light horse section was taking place – much to Finlay’s annoyance. In fact Finlay was finding it rather difficult to cope with all together. There must have been hundreds of horses,,lorries, trailers, kids, dogs, prams… You get the picture.

Fortunately my lovely friend Clair came along to help, for one I don’t think I would have actually been able to get on him without her help! Then the warm up. What warm up?! We don’t do warm up because we are so completely hyper! So the class started, true to form Finlay thought it would be much more interesting to leap around every time someone jumped a fence in the neighbouring ring. Thankfully for us, as the class was so large it was split in to 2 sections. Being in the second section a few of us lined up in the middle in the ring. Then the sun came out!

The gods were shining on us that day, the timing perfect. The very hot sun totally knocked him out ha! We stood for 30 minutes to wait our turn for the ride judge to get on, by the time she did Finlay decided to behave. In fact he was the perfect gentleman!

After the judge rode we did our trot up for the second judge, tacked up and got back on. The whole class then walked around for the final placing. I was really enjoying it by this time, Finlay was calm, the sun was shining and I’d had great fun chatting other competitors. The ride judges had made their decisions and the steward called out the winner. A few seconds later the girl behind me shouted ‘it’s you!’ …… Me?! I was oblivious and couldn’t remember my number ha! The steward waved me over…. We had won! Two years of horrid stuff and now we had won! I admit I cried, just a little. My friend whooped and cheered from the ring side! Really couldn’t believe it, out of such a huge quality class we won Large Riding Horse.

We had qualified for the championship which would be held at the end of the light horse section. So we waited for the Hunter and Cob classes to finish. After starting out completely cursing my crazy horse I was now, of course, totally loved up and he was the best horse in the world lol!

There were 16 horses in the championship ( 1st & 2nd from each class in the light horse section) I didn’t care, my amazing handsome horse had won his class, I didn’t care about the championship. After a trot and canter the final champion and reserve champion were selected. The Hunter was champion and the Riding Horse was reserve champion. The Riding Horse!? That’s us! My god I couldn’t believe we got reserve, my nutcase horse got reserve!

My amazing crazy horse pulled it out the bag……. I will never forget that day x

4 thoughts on “One Hot Summer Day….

  1. How fabulous to hear your ‘voice’ on the airwaves FM – I have often wondered how your doing. What a day to remember – heady heights – what an amazing boy you have – he knows when to turn it on! lol.. x

  2. So wonderful to hear from you! I too, have wondered how you have been doing & hoping you were okay. How wonderful for you & Finlay to place 1st in such a large class. Congratulations!

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