IC : Full Circle!

Next week I will start attending hospital once a week for treatment in the hope that this time around it will make a difference. This treatment as been tried before but as we have exhausted all other options apart from drastic measures like bladder reconstruction, its worth another try.

It does feel like Ive come full full circle right back to the beginning but the difference this time is that by using the catheters the bladder will actually be empty. I believe that all treatments failed previously because this important fact was missed. The bladder was not voiding sufficiently!

We all retain a certain amount for fluid, that’s very normal. But I was retaining up to 350mls! That’s very far from normal! So with the combination of drug therapy instilled into the bladder plus the bladder being properly empty maybe there is a chance that the pain will be less. Maybe!

The drug therapy is call Cystistat, I will have weekly instillations of this for 6 weeks in the hope that it will help to repair the damage to the lining of the bladder.

With IC you can only hope! x


11 thoughts on “IC : Full Circle!

  1. GODDAMMIT How did I miss this post? You’ve probably started your new treatment by now, I hope it’s going well and you can see a difference. ALso Mr Finley, did he have his second massage? (lucky boy)

    • lol that’s ok I miss posts too!

      Yes on second week of treatment, nothing to report so far :-/

      Mr Finlay is doing really well! Had his follow up yesterday, all good and ready to go! Work starts tomorrow.

      How did the move go? Would love to see some pics 🙂 x

  2. Sorry to hear there’s no good news so far but maybe it’s early days yet.
    The move was slow, what with me being away etc etc…. now the ex-landlord is playing silly buggers which is really pissing us off, if I get cross enough I’ll end up blogging about it!!!
    Sure I will do a walk-through post next week, I’m sure my family would like to see that too 🙂

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