Finlay v Kids!

And the kids won!

Okay we’re not talking the human variety here, more the four legged cute kind. As I was feeling a bit under the weather today I decided on a ride out instead of working in the arena (much less effort for me lol) So we set off down the drive.

We’ve been this route four or five times. I always do this with Finlay when we move yards, go the same route for a week until he relaxes and feels more secure. So I didn’t think we would have any problems, how wrong was I?

The road seemed busier this morning, we met quite a few cars and not all of them slowing down either! Its a quiet road but can be a fast road too. Ten minutes away from the yard there is a small garden centre, we’ve been past it a few times and admittedly he is spooked by the geese (they also have a few animals) But I’ve always got him past safely.

Today however the kid goats were in full few twenty yards away. And that’s as far as we got! I tried all the tricks in the book but he was not going to walk past the goats. His heart was thumping so hard I could feel it. Eventually I got him to stand then I asked him to walk on which he did then before he decided it wasn’t going any further I turned him around and we walked back.

It may seem like I gave in but I knew there was no way I would get him past the goats so the only option was that I would make the decision when we turned around, not him. You’ll never win a fight with half ton of horse, so picking your battles and how you negotiate the issue is the only option. So we will keep hacking out to the garden centre until he feels brave enough to walk past. This may take a few days or a few weeks it doesn’t matter how long it takes the important thing is that Finlay learns there is nothing to be scared of.

I know him well enough to understand that nothing he does is out of badness, only fear. You would think a 17hh horse wouldn’t be scared of many things but you’d be surprised! Being a flight animal makes them very sensitive to possible dangers, some have more awareness of this than others. Some will overcome their fears quicker than others, they’re like people, all unique! x 



10 thoughts on “Finlay v Kids!

  1. Hope Finley soon gets used to the kids – that very particular smell of goats can’t help! Reminded me of an unexpected hazard I had with my old horse out hacking. There was a Moroccan restaurant in the next village and they kept camels in a field by a lane we often used. Cue cartoon look of surprise on horse’s face the first few times we passed by (with difficulty). Then one time we passed them on the lane being led along giving camel rides – the penny obviously dropped, horse saw them as fellow people-carriers toiling at the same workface and we never again had any problems getting past the humped co-workers. You can never tell what off-the-wall remedy there might be to get you past those scary monsters 🙂 ….always enjoy looking in to your blog.

  2. Love that camel story!
    But I feel your pain, FM, we have the new Killer-Death-Donkeys-From-Hell at the moment. Although Aero is trying very hard to be brave, bless his little cotton socks…

  3. Our lot once lived on a yard with both goats and donkeys, my mare fell in love with the donkeys instantly, it took the geldings a couple of days. As for the goats, my mare tried to stamp on them while the geldings looked on in a bemused fashion that lasted all of ten minutes and then they completely ignored each other.

  4. Poor Finlay, I can imagine Corona wouldn’t appreciate the goats either! Horses are strange beasts, that’s for sure, always keep us on our toes.

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