The Little Things…….

My LITTLE boy is poorly. High temperature, not eating and generally feeling very sorry for himself. He’s tucked up in bed with Blankie, Dino, Puppy and Pikachu (oh to be 5 again) Tomorrow is his first induction day for Primary School which he will miss, the second is on Thursday so Im keeping my fingers crossed he will be well enough to attend.

A friend is in the country visiting family, Ive known this friend for many many years. Ive been a sounding board dumping ground for this friend for said many many years. Ive gladly been there for this friend in the last few years ( and will do so in the future) as they have faced, sometimes, traumatic experiences in a foreign country. So that said, a LITTLE  communication would be nice now that we’re in the same time zone

As youngest boy was sick today I asked the yard owner to turnout Finlay horse. Explaining why I need this done by a certain time in the morning is complicated but I will try. My yard is great, I like the people, I like the quiet roads to ride out, I like the large arena to school in, its close to home and is reasonably priced. But there is one problem and to some this might seem like a very small trivial problem, my horse hates his stable.

The reason he hates it is because its too closed in. That’s the only reason, he cant see enough of whats going on. Its a little problem in the big scheme of things but to him its huge! For Finlay it means box walking, weaving and wrecking his bed which costs me more money to replace ruined bedding. To anyone non horsey this might sound ridiculous, how can an animal have living space preferences? But they do. LITTLE things can make a huge difference to our equine friends.

My good deed for the day was mucking out my neighbours stable. She works full time and makes the trip up every evening to do her horse. Its been a hot sticky day and I thought the last things she’d want to do was muck out a dusty stable after a long day in the city. She was surprised and delighted when she txt to say thank you. It took me all of 10 minutes, but made her day.

Its the little things……  



6 thoughts on “The Little Things…….

  1. that’s so true FM – it so lovely that some-one shows they are thinking of you. Hope your little boy gets well soon. x

  2. Horses are definitely particular about their space. My barn’s owner bought a 17.3 hh Hanoverian a few years back who practically kicked down one of the walls of his 12′ by 12′ stall because he felt claustrophobic. They removed the wall and made his stall 6′ wider and he’s been a happy camper ever since. Horses are smart enough to tell us what they need. 😉

    • Absolutely agree, Finlay needs a more open space but I’m tied to the confines of this yard. There are no other options but to move to a different yard and there are none suitable/affordable close by. He does seems happier now he’s in the paddock every day doing horsey stuff. 🙂

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