IC : Its All An Uphill Struggle

I cant quite remember when life was last on an even keel. The days now merge into one blurred mass of pain, pills and PMT.

Well I say PMT but what really I mean is peri menopausal. Yes, Im on that road now. Oh joy! Normally this would mean mild mood swings, irregular cycle and periodic aches and pains etc But for an IC sufferer like me those ailments are the least of my worries.

For me hormones changes signal increased pain levels. Not only do I feel very emotional my pain levels are horrendous. Add the two together and what do you get? Despair.

Total despair. Ten days ago something triggered my IC from manageable pain levels to crippling all day and all night levels. I don’t know what this trigger was. I didn’t eat anything on the danger list (which is as long as your arm) I didn’t drink anything other than water. I didn’t take any strenuous exercise. So what could it be? Hormones?! I don’t even know why hormones affect IC so badly. My consultant has probably told me but I can’t remember now.

The one thing I have very little control over…. hormones. As I approach my mid forties this can only go one way. What does this mean for an IC sufferer? Well I guess Im about to find out.   


13 thoughts on “IC : Its All An Uphill Struggle

  1. I always find pain to be more frustrating when I don’t understand what has caused it. I hope you don’t find yourself in despair too often. When you do there is not much anybody can do to help but write and we will try our best!

    • Thank you so much and that’s so true, no one can help. The worst aspect of IC is that often you don’t know what causes pain. I’m going through the atos system at the moment. I just know they’ll think there’s nothing wrong with me. The whole process is demoralising x

  2. I’ve been working with a hormone therapist and naturopath to get through this menopause business. Mine has been complicated by adrenal fatigue which combined furnished me with crippling anxiety and panic attacks. Not a good thing while riding a horse. 😉 I’ve also been working with a therapist to understand the emotional source of my anxiety. All together these therapies are working well. … Hormones are a complex part of our systems and need proper attention. Visit http://www.drpettle.com. He’s my hormone therapist and a specialist in women’s health issues. Remarkable man. Lots of good information here. … Good luck!

  3. My hormones went wonky last year at 37, may have been courtesy of the ovarian cyst, may have caused it. Needless to say, as a result of all the above I fired my other OB/GYN and found a real gem of a new one. She is what a Dr. should be. She has me on bioidentical progesterone, every other day for the second half of my cycle. The every other day is because the lower dose bothers my IC but the higher one doesn’t. They have a dye difference. She didn’t think I was PMT yet, but we both think I have always had wacky hormone levels and no one thought to check before. I forget why hormones effect IC, but they do. Honestly what sets off my worst flares is plain ole allergies from pollen. Apparently they give me an allergic reaction in my bladder too.

    • Pollen? That’s strange! But with IC nothing surprises me. I’m going to chat to my doctor again about the hormone problem. Thank you always appreciate feedback from a fellow sufferer x

      • At first I thought it was just coincidence that when my seasonal allergies flared so did my IC. Then I found out it is something that happens to others with IC too. It seems that IC is our bodies turning on themselves (autoimmune although this is not proven) as a result of something that sets them off. What sets them off varies from person to person, but there are patterns among us. Hope your Dr. can find something that does help.

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