IC : Catheter Chaos

After the failed procedure at the and of last year I find myself at the mercy of the catheter. At first this was a painful tricky business, locating the urethra is not as straightforward for women. In fact most women don’t know where it is! Once located, inserting the catheter is at first very uncomfortable and brought me to tears every time but after a couple of days it did get easier.

The catheters are individually wrapped in sterile foil by squeezing the foil you release a extra sterilising fluid. Once opened the catheter must be inserted promptly and cleanly into the urethra. By cleanly I mean the catheter must not come into contact with anything else as this contaminates it and is unusable.

Once inserted the urine should flow freely.. or so you’d think. Sometimes the catheter becomes stuck to the wall of the bladder and the flow will stop. This makes you think your bladder is empty then half an hour later the pain worsens and its back to the bathroom to go through the whole palaver again.

I felt I had mastered the art of catheterising until last week. One day I found it difficult to push the catheter in, it did go in but was uncomfortable. Later that day I used another one which went in ok so thought nothing more of the original problem. Two days later I wake up feeling really unwell, so much pain. Using the catheter was very sore, not inside the bladder but in the urethra. Was is it just irritation or infection? Who knew! A few hours later I could hardly walk, my bladder felt full and painful and using the C (catheter) was awful!

I had antibiotics in the bathroom so decided on a three day blast to see if that helped. Along with some tramadol and my usual Atarax  …. 5 days later and Im slightly better. The fact that I sat in the saddle today lifted my spirits although I couldn’t really sit on my pelvic bones but by leaning forward slightly I could sit on my horse. I have increased my water intake (this is the only fluid I can actually drink) but that brings its own problems, filling the bladder quickly and increasing that particular pain….. no one said it was simple!

With the onset of the monthly cycle its one pain after another….. Life is a pain but life goes on.



8 thoughts on “IC : Catheter Chaos

  1. oh so sorry to hear you are having such a painful hellish time of it. I have only had to use catheter once, after a C-section. Can’t imagine having to try and insert myself. x

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