IC : Today Has Been…..


What’s the word… wretched might describe it. I feel as bad as I did for the month post op. There seems to end to the pain, no end to the use of catheters, no end to this hell.

Is it infection or just irritation? Do I wait another 12 hours or take Amoxicillin now? Should I take painkillers too?

I probably shouldn’t write when I feel so demoralised. There are so many others worse off than me but right now the tears fall. The helpless free fall into the dark pit of pain overcomes me. I fail to see the light…. is there a light? Not even my loyal four legged could lift the burden of pain.

Tomorrow will come, will there be a light  ………… 


12 thoughts on “IC : Today Has Been…..

  1. Wish I could say something to help without sounding patronising.

    It will be tough, you will need to dig deep but as you say, tomorrow will come.

    All I can say is that I hope it comes quickly. It may mean nothing but I promise I am thinking about you.


  2. Don’t know what to say M, just hang in there… thinking of you and hoping you have a few good days to make up for the crap ones.
    PS Don’t ever feel bad about writing how you feel. x

  3. I hope today your pain has been eased somewhat? As a suffer of another long-term chronic yet ‘invisible’ illness (fibromyalgia) I can certainly sympathise /empathise x

  4. Antibiotics make my IC way worse. Amoxicillin doesn’t bother me too much but it seriously bothers others with IC. Any little thing can be an IC irritant to some. I really recommend the forums on the IC network as a way to help figure out some of what bothers you because there are commonalities. Tok me a few years to sort it all out but now I have one interesting little list of my IC no nos. like regular Advil, the inactives are a killer. The allergy version, big green pills, are fine. Link on bottom of my blog.

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