IC : Good Day Bad Day.

You never know when you wake up in the morning what kind of day lies ahead. Could be good or bad you wont know until you get there.

One thing  is certain I will always wake up in pain and today was no different. In fact today has been particularly bad, I ate something last night which is normally on my ‘safe’ list. I did notice that it tasted more spicey than usual and questioned whether I should eat it but I went ahead anyway. Big mistake!

I woke up at 7am this morning with pain levels at 7 ( levels go from 1 – 10) I used a catheter and went back to bed for an hour. Voiding the bladder does not take the pain away, it may ease for a while but Im never pain free.  By 9am I was in the bathroom again, another catheter. After taking my youngest to nursery I headed to the yard.

Id been at the stables for maybe an hour when the pain was becoming unbearable. There is a toilet at the yard but I didnt have any catheters with me so I tried the ‘conventional’ method of just going to the loo like normal people. Didnt really work, gave me some relief for about 30 mins but I knew I had to get home.

The afternoon was not much better. Now feeling exhausted and a bit sorry for myself. Ive done my usual comfort eating which only adds to my low self esteem. Oh dear, this is all a bit doom and gloom… tomorrrow will be better, wont it?.  


4 thoughts on “IC : Good Day Bad Day.

  1. We always have to think tomorrow will be better – or whats the point… as I’m reading this late I hope tomorrow was better.

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