The Rest of Us

056The rest of the family are me and my two sons. My boys are 21 and 4 years old, yes big age gap, sometimes life happens that way. The eldest is at Unversity and the youngest will start school this year. They are both wonderful kids, very different personalities but share a strong bond despite the age gap.

Then there’s me, 43 years young and a single parent. Being a single parent doesn’t define me but its does thow up obstacles now and then. Many of us are struggling in these economic times and being single with a family is challenging. However I wouldnt have it any other way.. my kids dogs and horses make for a happy life.

The last and sometimes most influential member of my family is called IC. Not many people have heard of this condition, its not visable to the naked eye its gives no external signs of the havoc it wreaks within my body. Interstitial Cystitis is a silent predator lurking inside the bladder. It gives no warning of its intentions, at anytime any where the debilitating pain will strike.

I hope to talk more of this, my life my family and my journey with IC.


2 thoughts on “The Rest of Us

  1. Looking forward to reading more – I suffer ME after meningitis in 2007, I’ve been a single parent, 2 girls, now 25 and 19 years old, and my kids, parents and animals are what keep me going!

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