The Canines

113We’ve always had dogs in our family. My childhood dog was Kimmy, a heinz variety who ran about on three legs the most of her life. Then there was Meg a boarder collie who aged 7mths would jump the garden wall to round up the farmers sheep, that was before he actually arrived. Clever dog!

On leaving home at the age of Sixteen I aquired/rescued numerous waifs and strays. German Shepherds and Jack Russells mostly, all much loved and sadly missed.

Fast forward to 2013 and we have two Jack Russells in residence. The eldest Lucky (another rescue) is 13, grumpy and smells a lot. The youngest Pippa is 12mths, hyper and still smells of puppy.

I have a hoover you know. Its used daily. Its emptied daily… of dog hair. Little short white dog hairs, the kind that stick into everything and can even be found in the sugar bowl. It is normal in our house to find the odd dog hair in your morning porridge.

Wouldnt be without them.


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